Through our uniformed and branded sales network, youth get work experience and families in slums get access to life-changing products. At LivelyHoods, youth acquire the professional and sales skills required for a lifetime of employment.


Let’s take Jasmine. Jasmine never finished elementary school and never had a formal job. A graduate of our two-week training, Jasmine now represents a product line of over 40 goods that improve quality of life, ranging from never-before-seen reusable menstrual cups to money-saving clean-burning cookstoves.

Every morning, she reports to one of our store locations at 8 AM daily, bathed and dressed in uniform, and ready for the sales meeting. As a sales agent, Jasmine markets products, offers convenient and personal door-to-door service, and helps families choose purchase payment terms.

For her hard and meaningful work, Jasmine earns a regular monthly paycheck including a base salary and commission. Jasmine also has the chance to be promoted to Sales Leader, Store Manager or Recruitment Manager.