LivelyHoods is a Social Enterprise

Our bold innovation is connecting the sales talent of an idle youth workforce with a sales network that revolutionizes access to quality products in slums. Families lack access to products because “the route to market is the greatest obstacle companies must overcome” in Africa. We see an opportunity in “direct personal selling.” (Accenture, 2011) Our sales network will reach every corner of every slum in Nairobi in 2016, creating thousands of jobs. Unlike other direct sales models in East Africa, we target densely populated slums, build local trust through fixed store locations, and create low-risk job opportunities for youth. With our daily consignment model, sales agents can work without taking a loan or making a capital outlay. Rockefeller’s 2011 report on global youth employment suggests we “quit focusing on capital, and provide…access to assets.” Our low-risk job opportunity ensures agents of all backgrounds can work with us. In fact, the most successful sales agent in the history of our organization never completed primary school.

Our Sales Force Specializes in Distribution to Slum Communities

Our sales force specializes in penetrating hard-to-reach urban slum communities – an untapped market with huge growth potential. Economist C.K. Prahalad popularized the idea that base of the economic pyramid (BoP) communities, or the 2.5 billion people who survive on less than $2.50 a day, have tremendous purchasing power. It’s no coincidence that Coca-Cola has invested billions into low-income, emerging markets. Unlike Coca-Cola, however, the majority of companies who want to access hard-to-reach urban markets cannot afford to build a proprietary distribution network.

As a result, revolutionary companies manufacturing products like solar lamps, reusable sanitary pads and cleaning burning cook stoves are not reaching low-income consumers. How can they distribute products in slum communities defined by fragmented, complex distribution networks? While we grapple with these challenges, millions of consumers wait for access.

LivelyHoods is providing a solution.

Our network of door-to-door sales agents and retail branches offer the flexibility and on-the-ground knowledge required to get life-changing products into the hands of consumers in urban slums.

We Also Offer Services to Companies Seeking Access to Urban Slum Markets

LivelyHoods designs tailored strategies to meet the requirements of organizations, NGOs and private sector companies who want to penetrate slum markets. Our services include:

    • market research
    • product development consulting
    • last mile distribution
    • ongoing monitoring & evaluation of product adoption

For more information about how we can help your company expand into new markets, please email us at info@livelyhoods.org.