LivelyHoods is a start-up social enterprise with the mission to create livelihoods for youth in urban slums so they can actualize their potential. To achieve this, we have built a sales network that trains and employs youth to market and sell life-improving goods, from solar powered lamps to clean burning stoves, in hard-to-reach slum communities.  To date, LivelyHoods has employed over 100 youth sales representatives who have sold thousands of goods in their community. Sales representatives make an impact in their community, earn a livelihood and gain employable skills that will increase their lifetime earnings. We have been recognized with 8 awards and fellowships for social innovation and have been profiled by media outlets like the Guardian and PBS. Our vision is to employ thousands of youth to deliver life-improving goods to the 1.8 million people living in Nairobi slums by 2016.

The Team.

Although we are not currently hiring for any specific position, we will still accept applications to keep on file in case a position does become available.


Please send a (1) resume and (2) a cover letter to tania@livelyhoods.org.